Archives for June 2013

Dissecting WordPress Themes Part 10: Post Type Hierarchy

In this part we wrap up our discussion of post archives with the custom post type archive hierarchy. WordPress allows you to achieve special formatting for a particular custom post type by using the archive-[post type].php template, where [post type] is the name given to our custom post type. This template overrides archive.php, which is a common template for all archive pages. We will also learn how to generate the link for a custom post type archive and exclude the archive page from the merging of normal posts and custom posts that we implemented on the other archive pages.

Dissecting WordPress Themes Part 9: Taxonomy Hierarchy

You are no doubt familiar with the built-in WordPress taxonomies: categories and tags. You can also create your own independent custom taxonomies, complete with an administration screen UI for managing terms and automatic archive searches. In this article we will continue our exploration of the archive hierarchies by examining the custom taxonomy archive. We’ll create a non-hierarchical custom taxonomy, add terms to it, and assign those terms to our existing posts. We’ll then implement the taxonomy templates to demonstrate how each more specific template overrides its more general parent in the template hierarchy. We’ll finish up with a brief look at the wp_tag_cloud() call to create a term cloud in our footer.php template.

Dissecting WordPress Themes Part 8: Date Hierarchy

WordPress provides the ability to filter posts based on particular publishing timeframes such as for a day, month, or year. For example, blog readers may click on a month link to see a list of posts published during that month. As with all archives, the date-based archives will use the archive.php template file if it is available in the theme, otherwise index.php will be used. Additionally, a theme developer may provide special formatting for date archive pages by overriding archive.php with date.php. Although there are not templates for individual date timeframes, conditional tags may be used to provide formatting specific to day, month, or year archives if needed. In this article, we’ll assign publication dates to our existing posts and use these to demonstrate the date archive hierarchy. We’ll also create simple month and year links in our sidebar.php and footer.php templates.