This function returns the string value of an expression. The expression can be of any scalar type or any object that implements the __toString() method. Arrays and Resources…


string strval( mixed $expr )


Expression for which the string value should be returned. Only scalar expressions and objects for which the __toString() method has been implemented.

Return Value

The passed expression as a string.


1. Example heading

This example passes variables of various types to strval() and dumps the return type and value with var_dump().

$trueVal     = true;
$falseVal    = false;
$intVal      = 6;
$floatVal    = 3.14;
$stringVal   = "Hello";
$nullVal     = null;
var_dump( strval( $trueVal ));
var_dump( strval( $falseVal ));
var_dump( strval( $intVal ));
var_dump( strval( $floatVal ));
var_dump( strval( $stringVal ));
var_dump( strval( $nullVal ));

In the output below, each of the return values from strval() returns a string representation of the passed variable. Boolean variables return a “1” for true values and a null string (“”) for false values. Integer and float variables return the string containing the value itself with no special formatting of the results. A string variable just returns the passed string value. A null variable returns a null string (“”).

string(1) "1"
string(0) ""
string(1) "6"
string(4) "3.14"
string(5) "Hello"
string(0) ""

2. Passing Arrays

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3. Passing Resources

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4. Passing Objects

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